Today, mobile banking applications have more and more functions. They accompany us daily – from transferring money, and checking our account balance, to in-app shopping.At the same time, financial institutions face the challenge of creating an application that will be easy, friendly, and intuitive to use, regardless of the user’s profile. Basically, everyone will be able to operate intuitively from the first contact with it.The solution to creating a great app is to follow proven tips.A successful application encourages users to use it from the very first touch. How to achieve it? Let’s check!

Make the onboarding process easy and pleasant

Let your customers fall in love with your app at first sight.

Applying basic rules to make a user-friendly UX design in the mobile app is essential.

When creating , careful attention should be paid to onboarding. Although this is a one-time process, it must be refined in every aspect. Why? Because it promises a great mobile banking UX when using the app later. 

The process should take a little time, perfectly if it can close in three to five simple steps. The application should give the user interactive hints to make onboarding easy and smooth.

Moreover, a good customer experience must not interfere with security. When it comes to financial management, it’s fundamental for users. How does it affect UX?

User Experience vs. security

First, the mobile banking app must be reliable, work quickly and protect users’ funds. Without this, even the best-designed banking application will not be well-rated by users.

Increasing application security can have an impact on UX. Why? Because the use of multiple mechanisms, for example, passwords, pins, tokens, security questions, and masked passwords, may adversely affect the perception of the application. Therefore, it is essential to implement security features in a not bothering way. 

At Finanteq, thanks to over 15 years of experience developing mobile banking apps, we have the necessary know-how and rich expertise to make super user-friendly and safe applications.When using our applications, users always have a sense of security while feeling comfortable, thanks to the brilliantly designed user interfaces.

In addition to the technical aspects of security, contextual help is an essential part of mobile banking UX. Interactive prompts that suggest to users whether the password they set is strong enough have become standard.

When these two elements work, the user feels safe using the banking application.


The mobile app should allow users to perform the same actions as the bank’s website without having to log into the transactional service on a computer. Whereby the bank should adopt UI elements to make them big enough to be operated by fingers-tips. It is also important to simplify processes so they can be completed comfortably on mobile.

 What elements translate into user convenience?

  • Mobile-specific features (such as biometrics), which are a significant convenience for smartphone users. What is more, biometrics do not affect UX and even improve it.
  • Home screen personalization. Another improvement is the ability to customize the start screen by adding features that the user uses frequently. Here’s worth mentioning essential budget insights that help users track their expenses or goal-based features (e.g., saving for a specific purpose).
  • Smart predictions. There are many situations when this functionality will work great, such as filling out an address or searching history data.
  • App notifications that inform the user about important matters are a comfortable improvement.

Thanks to its ease of use, users will be eager to return to the application.

There are more ways to make the application as user-friendly as possible. Above are the most common ones.

Deep personalization

Today’s applications establish a closer relationship with the user, thanks to personalization and dynamic content tailored to the specific moment of its use.

For example, the application may address the user by name, remind him of important moments in his life, such as his birthday, or provide him with an offer best suited to the needs at a specific moment. Well-prepared personalization builds customer engagement and retains customer loyalty.

Creative motion design also emphasizes its delightfulness. 

App users will undoubtedly appreciate a stunning interface and a modern color scheme.

Plain language

Simple and concise communication with users is the basis of a desirable banking application. Messages should be easy to understand and valuable to your audience.

Imagine your customer wants to close the app and has two options: close and yes. It needs to be more intuitive, is it?

Plain language should be a priority when designing a mobile banking app UI. Let’s simplify life, not complicate it! 

The user-centered process in mobile banking app design is the key to success

At Finanteq, we always design products and services through empathy. We follow a proven path, thanks to which the final product delights. 

Below, we outline the steps that guide us through the process:

#Step 1. The starting point is understanding users’ needs and defining the target audience. 

#Step 2. Divergent thinking. It involves creating as many different, often surprising solutions as possible.

#Step 3. Deciding and selecting the best design. 

#Step 4. Prototyping, which means visualizing the product idea.

#Step 5. Validating. Once we have a prototype, we validate it with our target audience and refine the design according to their feedback. 

#Step 6. Releasing. It is the most enjoyable part of the work but, despite appearances, not the last part of the process. Naturally, products are gaining more features, the market and trends are changing, and so are user preferences, so UX design continues.

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Final thoughts

Many factors affect the success of an application. One of them is banking app UI and UX design. The more factors described in the article are taken into account during the construction of the application, the more sympathy it will gain in its users.

At Finanteq, we create the best mobile banking apps. Regarding banking app UI design, we know how to meet the expectations of demanding customers. Working following industry best practices, we are confident that our solutions are outstanding.

Do you want to take the UX of your app to the next level? Contact us!